TreeNovation Pioneers Method for International Delivery of Living Design Material
Tel Aviv, Israel, November 7, 2005

Long rooted Ficus plants were successfully dispatched from its growing facilities in Israel to The USA and Japan. Long rooted Ficus trees, grown according to the TreeNovation method which renders them amenable to subsequent shaping were sent via air mail to two central arenas in the arborsculptural scene. Long rooted Ficus trees, were placed in a specially designed box and dispatched to the 2005 World Expo in Japan and to Richard Reames - world reknowed arborsculptor and author of “How to Grow a Chair”. Both trees passed phytosanitary inspection at the country of destination, and arrived alive and well at their new homes - where they were subsequently shaped and planted by their happy owners. The obvious advantage of this method is that anyone with an air mail address can now incorporate living plants into their design without having to cope with the difficulties of growing the living plant material.

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