TreeNovation design for living playground receives "excellent work" honor from the Japan Design Foundation
Osaka, Japan, March 10, 2006

TreeNovation's design for a living playground that was submitted to the International Design Competition Osaka 2005 was chosen as one of the 67 excellent works. The International Design Competition held by the JDF is considered one of the most prestigious design events of the year. In 2005 the theme for the competition was "Energy: Sustainable and Enjoyable Life". Subtheme 3 was defined as "Living Environment - At public spaces where people get together, there are many energy-related challenges. The energy issue is deeply related to deforestation, air pollution and other environmental problems; safety and maintenance of social systems and disaster prevention..."
TreeNovation submitted a work titled "Kinder Forest: A Living Playground" introduced as follows - KinderForest gives children real trees to play with, gives parents a natural alternative for their children and gives earth urban reforestation that is functional, enjoyable and green. Creating structures from living trees means that ~95% of the playground’s mass is taken from the air using local sunlight and rain. No gasoline-burning chainsaws, trucks, ships or waste. Such structures can live for 700 years and are self repairing, earthquake safe, oxygen producing and provide a habitat for wildlife coinciding with their purpose for humans.

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