Q. What does it mean to become an affiliate/investor?

A. Plantware affiliates are either Plantware growers or resellers. Plantware growers are typically tree nurseries that implement the Plantware technology to create TreeNovation products and sell them to resellers. TreeNovation resellers are retail organizations. They buy prefabricated TreeNovation creations and sell them to consumers. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or investor please contact us at contact@plantware.org

Q. How exactly do you get the roots to grow so long and is it normal?

A. Yes it’s normal and natural. TreeNovation uses Figs (Ficus) trees which are naturally adapted to elevated germination. That means that as a part of their natural growing cycle they send down prop roots to be their “legs”. These roots extend far down under the original germination (sprouting) point of the tree. They are, in fact – “looking” for the ground. Under natural conditions, these roots often extend down dozens of feet and can (and do) take on any shape.

Q. What does the upkeep of this type of tree cost?

A. Trees, for the most part, take care of themselves. Trees have been on earth longer than humans. They do not need us in order to grow and flourish. Planting in a well lit spot (direct sunlight is not necessary), watering and feeding from time to time is enough.

Q. Can the tree grow in any climate?

A. Currently, TreeNovation uses Ficus trees. These trees can grow indoors or in warm areas (where temperatures do not drop below 0°C). TreeNovation is doing research to apply its technology to deciduous trees although these are not available yet.

Q. How many shapes can be made with them, can I come up with my own designs?

A. The TreeNovation technology can enable almost any design. Anyone is most encouraged to be creative and come up with their own designs. If you're interested in contributing to the TreeNovation initiative as a designer, please take a look at the TreeNovation design guidelines.

Q. How big do these trees grow?

A. In nature – Ficus trees are some of the biggest trees around. In equatorial regions they can be over 150 feet high and can weigh 250 tons. TreeNovation creations can range from 2 feet in height to 30 feet. This is dependent mostly on the supporting template – the tree is not a binding factor in the size of a TreeNovation creation.

Q. How strong are the designs once they are hard?

A. TreeNovation trees get stronger as they mature. At 2 years of age they can stand on their own, but will break if bent forcefully. At five years they are comparable to a steel construct and at ten years of age they are stronger than fortified concrete.