The TreeNovation Method

TreeNovation has developed, and patented, a set of horticultural techniques to grow soft, flexible and shapeless (un-lignified ) trees. These trees are shaped by placing them on temporary templates (jigs) and induced to harden and thicken – whilst retaining the shape of the template on which they were placed.
In effect, this allows the “casting” of living material into shapes that were formerly impossible to achieve.
TreeNovation has accumulated experience in design and fabrication techniques for the temporary templates – this know-how enables TreeNovation to develop inexpensive and robust designs for its trees. TreeNovation is now focused on providing commercial applications and designs from living trees, based on its years of research.
TreeNovation's technology enables outdoor functional structures in cities, parks and private gardens and use of functional and artistic designs for indoor living (e.g. gifts and furniture).

TreeNovation's Advantages

Current human building techniques universally implement dead or artificial material, which has little or no interaction with its surroundings. In complete contradiction, modern ecological points of view focus on the interaction between organisms and their environment, human beings not being excepted from this rule.

The Advantages of TreeNovation:

 TreeNovation creations are good for the atmosphere.
 TreeNovation is easy to utilize in places that modern building techniques find difficult (forested areas, cliff faces, etc).
 TreeNovation is inexpensive. Most of a TreeNovation structure’s mass comes from water and air.
 TreeNovation requires less maintenance. Living trees can take care of themselves. They react to
     mechanical stress (strong winds, earth tremors) and heal themselves from injury (bruising and cracking).
 Evapotranspiration and shading are things that trees do naturally. Both of them contribute to cooling the air in the vicinity of a TreeNovation creation.
 air filtration.
 human well being and health.
 habitat reconstruction – using indigenous trees.
 lower embodied energy.
 carbon positive.