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Green Right Now is dedicated to helping start living a green life — right now. John DeFore wrote about Plantware’s method and it’s future impact on the urban street.

Green Prophet is an environment news and destination site reporting on Israel and the Middle East. Green Prophet has published an article about Plantware’s research and method.

Science A GoGo is a site providing interesting science news, research tidbits and science discussion. Kate Melville has published an article about Plantware and it’s new approach to aerial root development.

ISRAEL21c is a non-profit educational foundation with a mission to focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict. Karin Kloosterman wrote about Plantware and it’s vision to save the planet.

TreeHugger is a leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Karin Kloosterman wrote about arborsculpture and about the Plantware initiative.